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TSA Changes Software – Trans Flyers Still At Risk?

From a press release from the National Center for Transgender Equality:

Media Contact: Vincent Paolo Villano, 202-631-9640, vvillano@transequality.org

“Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced software updates to their body scanners that are intended to show only foreign materials or objects that may pose security risks, without revealing the contours of the traveler’s body. 

While these updates have the potential to alleviate some privacy concerns, important questions remain about how this new technology will impact transgender people. Whatever the benefits of the new systems, it is clear that they may still reveal private personal items making transgender people targets for unfair scrutiny and invasive pat-downs. The changes also do nothing to curb the mistreatment and discrimination that transgender travelers already face in airport security.”

It’s unknown at this time how these changes will impact the transgender community.  Will the new software be more specific in differentiating between the body and foreign items or between the genders of travelers? It’s unclear a the moment how this new software will impact the flying experience of it’s trans passengers.

The full press release can be read HERE.

The NCTE has also compiled a page on air travel tips for trans travelers, and that can be viewed HERE.


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