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Transgender Firefighter in NYC

The New York Post reports that the NYFD has welcomed it’s first openly transgender firefighter, referred to only as “Brooke”.  Though formerly on a hook and ladder crew, she is currently working a desk position with the NYFD.

“I am appreciative of the support that the FDNY has given me during this time in my life. However, it is my expressed wish that the details of my personal and professional life remain private,” she said in a written statement.

Her family has a long history of firefighting, starting at least three generations ago with Brooke’s grandfather, and continuing to her father, an FDNY officer who responded to the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The FDNY has been battling critics for many years who claim the numbers of black and female firefighters are way too low. White males make up about 91 percent of the approximately 11,000-member force.

The FDNY has an LGBT organization and some members are openly gay. But Brooke is the first known transgendered woman in the firefighting ranks.”

The entirety of the article can be viewed on the New York Post website.


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