About TNT

At Transgender Network Tampa, we have three goals:

Support ~ Education ~ Activism



As trans-identified people, we face unique challenges, with the confusion and bullying of youth blossoming into the discrimination and isolation of adulthood. We are left vulnerable in a society that wishes to shun our very identity and existence. It’s times like this that we need to find strength in each other, and forming a community bond to support one another through the difficulties in our lives.

Transgender Network Tampa hopes to form a bond between trans and non-binary identified individuals in the Tampa Bay area by providing a safe and supportive place to gather and discuss issues we are all facing, in the hopes of finding friendship in those who truly understand.




We’ve all been through it: The sitting down with friends and family, having to explain exactly what it means to be “trans”.  There’s also the odd looks at the DMV, or the questions when getting your name changed.

It is an objective of Transgender Network Tampa to help in the education of others in not only what it means to be a transgender person, but also what legal trials and governmental discriminations we face because of our gender identity.

TNT hopes to provide informational links and documents about the basics of trans terminology, as well as links and references to news articles, legislation and video content relevent to trans and non-binary issues.




One step beyond Education is Activism. Reading about violence against trans people and anti-trans legislation means very little if we don’t work towards ensuring our equality and acceptance in society. TNT aims to increase trans visibility in the fight for equality in the state of Florida, and to aid in the struggles of trans people outside of Florida as well..



That’s all well and good, but…

…Transgender Network Tampa can’t achieve any of our goals without you, its members. We promise it won’t take much, just follow us by email, rss, facebook or twitter. Become involved! Come and meet up with us at one of our gatherings, or pass on word of proposed legislation or news articles. We’re working hard to make TNT work for Tampa Bay and all of Florida!


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