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Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2011

Today marks the 13th Annual Transgender Day Of Remembrance.  Please take a moment to remember those of us who have faced violence, hate and discrimination just for being the beautiful people that we are, and those who we have lost in the battle to violence or suicide.  No one deserves the isolation that being transgender … Continue reading

NCTE: Medicare Benefits for Transgender Patients

The National Center for Transgender Equality recently posted a new resource compiling information on Medicare coverage for transgender medical and transition needs. The new resource explains that, while Medicare does not cover sex reassignment surgery, it does cover medically necessary hormone therapy and routine preventive care, regardless of the gender marker in one’s records. It also details how to navigate … Continue reading

USF Heads Toward Gender-Neutral Dorms!

University of South Florida has just announced that they are beginning to implement gender-neutral housing options for it’s students. In the spring, the school will launch a pilot program offering several gender-neutral dorm rooms, where anybody of any gender can live with anybody else. USF believes it’s the first in Florida to do that. The … Continue reading

Topside Press Looking For Authors!

Are you a trans identified author looking for a publisher?  Newly established Topside Press is looking for authors willing to submit to their company for publication.  The only rule is the author must be trans identified.  It doesn’t even have to be a trans related story!  Check out their website and watch the video below … Continue reading

And we’re live!

The site, Facebook page and Twitter account are all live, so get out there and participate! 🙂

Welcome to TNT!

Transgender Network Tampa: A gender-inclusive group in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, our group is geared towards those who identify as transsexual, transgender, intersex, genderqueer, gender fluid, non-binary, third gender, bigender, pangender, agender, androgyne, neutrois and gender questioning. We strive to be a safe zone, free of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, fat-phobia, xenophobia, etc. … Continue reading

Coming Soon!

Announcements are coming for group meetings. Keep an eye on this spot!

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