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Providing Healthcare For Transgender Veterans

From the National Center For  Transgender Equality: Today, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) issued a Directive to all of its facilities establishing a policy of respectful delivery of healthcare to transgender and intersex veterans who are enrolled in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare system or are otherwise eligible for VA care. “Far too … Continue reading

Maine Legislature Spurns Transgender Bill

From the Maine Sun Journal: By Steve Mistler, Staff Writer – Jun 08, 2011 8:45 am AUGUSTA — The Legislature has moved decisively against a controversial bill that would have prevented transgender individuals from filing complaints against schools and other public institutions for restricting access to bathrooms and locker rooms. Passage of LD 1046 was rejected by the … Continue reading

Barney Frank Testifies for Trans Rights

“I very much hope that the Commonwealth will once again show its aversion to prejudice and its compassion for people who have been its victims, and extend to people who are transgender the same legal rights that the rest of us now enjoy.” — Representative Barney Frank in written testimony submitted in favor of a … Continue reading

Health Equality: Portland To Offer Surgical Benefits To Its Transgender Employees

From TIME Healthland: By JOHN CLOUD Thursday, June 9, 2011 The Portland, Ore., city council voted on Wednesday to cover the cost of sex-reassignment surgery for municipal workers in its health-care plan. Portland is only the second major city, after San Francisco, to offer surgical benefits to its transgender employees. But the move comes at a time when surgery … Continue reading

Connecticut Trans Rights Law Passes Senate, Governor To Sign Into Law

I’m so thrilled to see this make it through the Senate in my home state of Connecticut, and even happier that the Governor says they’ll sign it into law!  Way to go, Constitution State!  –MC (Originally Posted On The Bilerico Project.) By Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | June 04, 2011 2:15 PM After several years of trying, the Connecticut State … Continue reading

Connecticut Bill Would Add Gender Identity To Anti-Discrimination Law

Note from Murdercakes: As usual, this is being turned into a “Bathroom Issue” by Connecticut Republicans.  Perhaps someone should stand up and tell them that bladder removal doesn’t come with SRS, and that we have to pee just like the rest of humankind?  At least the amendment regarding bathrooms, locker rooms and dorm rooms (“sex-segregated … Continue reading

Texas Court Strikes Down Transgendered Marriage

01 June 2011 02:04 PM EDT Gina Meeks News –Featured News A Texas court Thursday voided the marriage of a man to his transgender widow, upholding a previous ruling that gender is determined at birth and cannot be changed—even with surgical procedures. Firefighter Thomas Araguz died tragically last July while fighting a fire. He was … Continue reading

Transgender Woman Beaten in Virginia

From NBC Washington: “At least four attackers ganged up and beat a transgender woman on Saturday. Speaking exclusively to NBC4’s Julie Carey, the victim, who does not want to be identified, said she thought she’d die in the attack. “The first time I feared for my life,” the 32-yearold victim said, “is when I actually … Continue reading

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