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“Transsexual versus Transgender Intervention” by Julia Serano

Unfortunately, in politically heated transgender circles, the argument about Transsexual versus Transgender inevitably comes up.  Words fly, and usually people end up saying a lot of incredibly busted things.  The idea of being a “real” trans person gets bandied about, and people’s gender identities get thrown by the wayside as what essentially resorts to namecalling … Continue reading

Barney Frank Testifies for Trans Rights

“I very much hope that the Commonwealth will once again show its aversion to prejudice and its compassion for people who have been its victims, and extend to people who are transgender the same legal rights that the rest of us now enjoy.” — Representative Barney Frank in written testimony submitted in favor of a … Continue reading

Barbers, Gender, & Why $5 Matters

By Rev. Emily C. Heath | June 01, 2011 12:00 PM on Bilerico.com Excerpt: My barber rang me out for $25, and I handed $30 over to her, thinking to myself, “It’s just as expensive in this Vermont town as it is in the South End?” And that’s when it dawned on me that something wasn’t right. I turned … Continue reading

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